Pathway to independence

Prepare for the future, today!

As a parent or full-time carer of someone with a disability, you’ve most likely pondered what the future of their life will look like when it’s time for them to live independently. Perhaps this thought leaves you with concern, as it does for so many others in your shoes, and understandably so.
We’ve created a long-term program with the intention to help relieve this burden, and ensure your loved one remains happily cared for in a family-like environment as they grow older.
Unlike other supported living arrangements, our specialised plan offers an additional and exciting emphasis on the transition stage, which is all about developing important life skills and ongoing relationships.
You can feel at peace knowing that when the time comes, the change will be welcomed. 

Stage 1: Preparation Stage (STA)

Change is hard for anyone, especially for those that depend on certain people, be it family members or carers, to live the life they are used to. Stability is key.
What we offer is the opportunity in advance, for one to become familiar with a new way of living, in a different yet supportive environment with a small group of other people in the same boat (similar age, lifestyles and abilities) through routinely attending the same Short-Term Accomodation (STA) weekend.
As time goes by, this small group slowly (or quickly) become great friends and grow comfortable with each other. Then as time continues our special STA weekends morph into a monthly home away from home.
We partner with multiple professionals to design a schedule that places a focus on developing important life skills to prepare each guest for independent living, with of course some fun activities included along the way.

Stage 2: Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is a shared living experience for people with disability, receiving around the clock support to assist in developing skills of independence.
When the time is right for you and your ready for your loved one to live independently (which may be many years down the track), it is our vision that they move into the same SIL home as their STA house mates, to then live on happily with what is now their second family.
The thought that they will be around the same familiar faces, means we expect the transition out of home to be simple and exciting. 

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Simply send us an enquiry below, call our friendly team on 1800 512 244, or email us at

We’ll work closely with you to establish your needs and preferences for a personalised experience at every step of the way. Given its nature, it is possible that there will be a waiting period before being placed in the program, depending on several factors. We’ll always strive to be clear in our communications with you so you know what to expect.

For further information or support, feel free to call us on 1800 512 244

More about STA's

Our STA weekends are designed to not only give participants a change of scenery and primary carers a well-earned break, but to be a fun and beneficial time away to learn and grow.

The program is intended for participants to attend the same house once a month on a set weekend (eg. 3rd weekend of the month), from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, with the same group of people each time.

Everything is included, from nice accomodation to good food and all sorts of activities.

What do we get up to?
We’ve worked with multiple professionals including Occupational and Speech Therapists to design a schedule of activities, specific to the age and abilities of each participant, which focuses on building their skillset for independent living.
On top of that, there will always be fun and exciting activities or events to look forward to each month.

Our STA houses are well thought-out for each guest. They are clean, safe and comfortable spaces that make for a pleasant home away from home.

More about SIL

Tenants in our SIL homes receive 24/7 support with areas such as:

  • Personal Care
  • Household tasks such as cooking and cleaning
  • Accessing social and community activities and appointments
  • Learning to live well with others
  • Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle

When choosing a house with Together, we strive to ensure everyone feels at home with all the comforts you’re used to. We consider compatibility between you and other tenants to ensure a happy home, and everyone is involved in household decisions and routines, with the freedom to make your own choices in regards to how you live.
We support you in learning to live in a group setting and dealing with the responsibilities of being in your own home, with a happy and healthy lifestyle. We’ll continually work with you closely on your goals, plus we make sure not to leave out fun activities and laughter as we go about day-to-day life. Our carers are committed to always bringing a positive attitude to the home, ensuring everyone is respected and valued, and above all – supporting you to live an amazing and fulfilled life. 


Hi, I’m Sam! I’m 25 years old and live for the outdoors, I spent multiple years working as an outdoor education instructor and as a hiking guide in Vic and Tasmania and have recently moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast! Fun fact about – I am also a competitive marathon runner!

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Available for new clients: YES ✅


Hello! My name is Esther and I’m currently a uni student studying in the Brisbane area. Growing up I had the opportunity to do some traveling and it sparked a love for meeting new people from many walks of life and trying new things. A few of my favourite things to do in my downtime are reading, being outside, and spending time with family and friends. I can’t wait to be a part of the Together Disability team and, as cliche as it sounds, to do my best to support others in living their best life.

Location: Brisbane / Northern Gold Coast

Available for new clients: Yes


I’m a very friendly and compassionate person, I love to work and help people fulfil their needs. My younger brother has autism and their for I have plenty of experience in this area of care. I enjoy the outdoors and activities such as, surfing, fishing, walking, swimming, camping, hiking and anything out doors.  

I have a diverse range of skills and hobbies that I have in-depth knowledge about and I enjoy being able to share these hobbies and skills. I’d love to be able to make someone’s day by participating in hobbies that we both enjoy and being able to see a smile on their face. By being patient and understanding we both can learn new things and overcome any challenges.

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Available for new clients: Yes

Support worker Will


Hey! I’m Will, a 20 year old student from Sydney. I love support work for a variety of reasons, but mostly I just love connecting with people and getting involved in the community.
Outside of work and uni, I spend way too much of my time watching sports, especially the NBA and AFL. I also love spending time travelling and with family and friends.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Available for new clients: YES


Gday ! My names Josh, I’m a 19 year old Sydney boy, I believe greatly in helping out people with various disabilities and hopefully sharing some of my favourite things to do!

I surf, skate, play a number of instruments mainly guitar and am currently studying Music at University ! Keen to work with TogetherDisability as I would love to bring some of my fun, active interests to the table.

Located: Sydney, NSW

Available to take on new clients


Hi Im Chels! I am currently studying to be a secondary teacher at Griffith within the subject areas; Mathematics and Visual arts. I love working and volunteering with kids/ teenagers, and i’m excited to support people in building their skills and independence.

Available for new clients: YES

Location: Gold Coast, QLD


I am positive 25-year-old individual who has a bright personality with great teamwork and relationship-building skills that can provide memorable experiences to those in need. Outside of my workplace I’m an outdoors person that enjoys surfing, golf, skateboarding and fishing and would love to involve clients in my hobbies and lifestyle as well as involving myself with theirs to maximise our experience together. We could do things together like fishing, going to the footy, beach days, golf and any outdoor sports.

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Available to take new clients: YES

support worker Rebeca


Hi, my name is Rebeca and I’m a support with Together.
Outside of work I love spending time with my family, friends and pet dogs; as well as reading, hiking and being out in nature.
I have a passion for helping others and spreading positivity, and hence I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this team where I can support people in their goals and help in whatever way I can.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Available for new clients: YES



Hi I’m Kayne and I am one of the Support Workers here at Together – I was raised in different countries and many places but my favorite place of all time is Hawaii.

If I’m not talking about Hawaii (or working) I’ll be (mostly) outside doing the things I love – hiking, beach, cooking, fishing, camping, trying new food and meeting new people. I love giving back to the community and always try to get involved in as many community programs as I can!

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Available to take on new clients: YES


Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum Loren ipsum 

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Available for new clients: YES


Hi everyone, I’m Denise 😊

I’m one of the directors here at Together, but I also provides hands on support work for some of our valued participants in Sydney, which is something I have been doing passionately for many years now. The people I supports love me for my fun, helpful and caring nature.

My interests include bike rides or beach walks, dancing and spending time with my pets.

And fun fact: My heritage is South American so I speaks fluent Spanish.

 I am very excited to take my career in disability to the next level with Together, and can’t wait to meet and help more people.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Available for new clients: YES

support worker jacob


I’m one of the founders/support workers here at Together. I value an easy-going approach to life. With 2.5 years experience in the field I’ve provided support to a diverse range of individuals. Having grown up surrounded by family members with varying capabilities, I’ve developed a deep understanding of different needs.

My heart lies in outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, boxing, golf and hitting the gym, which mirror my adventurous and active spirit. Beyond that, I take pride in embodying transparency, compassion and inclusivity, welcoming people of all abilities. My primary goal is to assist others in embracing life to the fullest and attaining their aspirations. 

Considering myself fortunate, I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to pursue this career path and make a positive impact in the lives of those I support.

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Available for new clients: YES


Hi, I’m Sam, part owner and support worker here at Together.

I have a strong passion for sports and physical activity, love travelling and exploring new places, and if the sun is shining in my downtime you can most likely find me in the ocean.

A lot of my career has been spent in the corporate world, however since jumping over to disability I immediately fell in love with it and have never looked back.

I enjoy the meaningful work of caring for others and helping families strive; and I’m super excited about the opportunity to help people get the support they need.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Available for new clients: Not currently

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